'A wisdom-rich dialogue where the reader journeys into an expanded sense of personal wealth and happiness.'

  • Vince Poscente
    Are you a student of your association with wealth? Through stories, examples, practical tools and direct advice, Robert Gignac wrote exactly what everyone should read if they want a better relationship with money. I found it enlightening and very useful.
    Vince Poscente
    author of The Age of Speed
  • Snigdha Malik
    Rich is a State of Mind is a must read for everyone. Not only does the book help you realize your personal and financial potential, it also explains how to accomplish it.
    Snigdha Malik
    Advent Financial Group
  • from Chapter Thirteen
    The biggest fallacy about money is that is is some sort of sophisticated, magical process, which takes years of study in order to understand
    from Chapter Thirteen
    "Investment Allocation"
  • from Chapter Thirteen
    Try something different! Life is for the experiences after all...
    from Chapter Thirteen
    "Investment Allocation"
  • from Chapter Five
    Goals are flexible and change with the passage of time or with the completion of other items on your list.
    from Chapter Five
    "What is the Goal?"
  • from Chapter Three
    What is Rich? Can you answer the question?
    from Chapter Three
    "The Genesis of The Project"
  • Canadian Manager Magazine
    Avoiding the dry language of finance texts, this book combines simple strategies with personal philosophy to engage and inform readers. Canadians will discover how creating a practical plan will benefit them for years to come.
    Canadian Manager Magazine
  • Michelle Kowalchuck
    This book teaches, not preaches, about the beauty of combining dreaming and planning. It teaches about personal evolution, changing life circumstances and the practicality of financial planning. In short, it teaches you how not just to plan your finances; it teaches you to live your life.
    Michelle Kowalchuck
  • from Chapter Nine
    For many people, tax season is the only time of the year they give any thought to their personal finances.
    from Chapter Nine
    "The Three Guarantees"
  • from Chapter Seven
    It surprises most people to see where all of their discretionary money goes once they track it for a month or even a week.
    from Chapter Seven
    "Who Else Would You Pay?"
  • David B. Posen, MD
    An engaging and easy-going look at planning one's financial future. It combines information, strategy, philosophy and touch of soul. I highly recommend it.
    David B. Posen, MD
    author of Always Change a Losing Game
  • Samy Chong
    This has been a wonderful education... a must read for anyone who does not have a sound investment program.
    Samy Chong
    CEO, Corporate Philosopher Inc.
  • Kira Vermond
    While many chapters outline basic financial concepts, from risk management to wills, a considerable amount of space is dedicated to work-life balance, quality of life, and personal motivation issues. It's these concepts that set the book apart from others in this genre.
    Kira Vermond
    FORUM Magazine
  • Morningstar.ca
    ... a clever and entertaining read that will instill basic financial knowledge.
  • from Chapter Ten
    If we borrow to invest money in qualified investments, the government allows us to deduct the interest we pay for the loan.
    from Chapter Ten
    "Getting a Bigger Stick"
  • Stephen Gadsden
    Rich is a State of Mind is a well-rounded exegesis of proven financial planning principles that, when applied, will get you a long way to accomplishing your goals.
    Stephen Gadsden


about the

Robert Gignac is a best-selling author and sought-after speaker at financial industry seminars and client events, currently based in Oakville, Ontario. With an entertaining yet direct speaking style, Robert offers a light-hearted look at financial planning with the serious message of personal responsibility. Audiences love his dynamic and engaging presentations which challenge them to see things from a different perspective. Robert has been a student of the financial planning process for almost two decades. His goal is to passionately encourage people to take control of their finances in order to have a “Richly Imagined Future.”